Enjoy the effects of the best plant in the world but don’t enjoy smoking? Edibles are your best bet. We have a wide variety of options for all you non-smokers and smokers alike ranging from gummies, chocolates, tinctures and all sorts of baked goods.

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Gone Green MediBlocks 150Mg -15Pcs


This pack of Gone Green MediBlocks includes 15 pieces of 10mg THC gummy block candies. The entire pack contents includes 150mg THC. Generally 2-3 candies is considered one dosage (20-30mg). Depending on tolerance users may which to decrease or increase their dosages.

It is recommended to start off at a lower dosage if you are beginner. 1-2 cubes may be enough to start of. Note that edibles can take up to 30-75 mins to begin taking effect. If you do not feel the effects wait at least 75 full minutes before consuming more.


Ingredients: Sugar, Gelatin, Adipic  Acid, Sodium Citrate & Phosphate, Artificial & Natural Flavor, Colour, Cannabis Extract, Coconut Oil


Gone Green Chocolate Medibar


THC Content : 300mg

MediBar Chocolate Bar

Has 5 cuts on it so you can dose yourelf with 5 x 60mg pieces. Be careful this tasty bar packs a heavy hit. Dose yourself accordingly